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Chef's Additions

Join Us for Tu Tu Tuesdays!
Every Tuesday from 9:00pm - Midnight
Live Music plus food & drink specials
$3 Mojitos, Margaritas, Martinis, and Drafts
Limited Menu from 11:00pm - Midnight










Welcome to the party!  

Set in a Spanish artist's loft, CAFÉ TU TU TANGO evokes a time when artists found inspiration and community in sharing food, drink and philosophy with one another. The bohemian lifestyle fashioned life as a grand celebration, a feast of the senses to be shared and treasured. Together, artists found kinship over meals shared on appetizer-sized plates, over drink, music, and conversation.

One of the things that truly makes CAFÉ TU TU TANGO unique is our menu. Not only do we serve up creative fare that captures exotic flavors from around the world, but we do so in small, appetizer-sized portions that were meant to be shared. Choose an array of dishes for your table, and let the party enjoy them communally. Experience a spectrum of the world's most tantalizing tastes together. Savor both the food and the company. This is what life is all about.

Recent Awards and Recognition
Voted "Best Overall Restaurant"
in Orlando Sentinel's 101 Best of 2008
Voted "Best Appetizers"
in Orlando Magazine's 2008 & 2009 Dining Awards
Voted "Best Tapas"
in WESH 2 & CW 18's A*List Awards 2008
Won "Best Pairing of Tastes"
at The Food & Wine Festival at Baldwin Park 2007, 2008, & 2009
Voted "Best I-Drive Restaurant"

in Orlando Magazine's The Best of Orlando 2008
Voted "Best Theme Restaurant"
AOL Cityguide 2007

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