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All Art is for Sale
Every inch of Café Tu Tu Tango is covered with original paintings by our beloved local artists. And did you know...

All Tango art is for sale

That is right, every original piece on our walls is for sale. If your having dinner and see a piece you can’t resist, you can purchase it right there and go home to hang it on YOUR wall.

Each artist paints live in the restaurant, so on every visit you will be able to see an artist hard at work on their next masterpiece.

Interested in becoming a Tango artist?
Contact us here.





Welcome to the party!

Stephan Alexandres
Stefan Alexandres is a sculptor and jeweler.
From 1964 to 1972 he apprenticed in metal arts in the traditional ways of the old world, as guided through the organized guilds of Greece. His training based for the Byzantine Art . Also involved with museum reproductions for archaic designs. In 1974 he opened his first studio in Athens, Greece. Immigrated to America in 1989 with his wife and daughter.
He received a United Arts of Central Florida individual artists award in 2007 and 2010.
Stefan currently teaches at the Crealde School of Art in Winter Park Florida and Florida Society of Goldsmiths DeLand, Florida.

Tiffany Beasi
Tiffany Beasi is an artist for our generation. She speaks to us through the images of emotions unleashed. Her voice is a bright color, movement and imagination through paint. When she chooses her subject, she is attracted to expressive faces, movements and vibrant dripping
colors. She embraces art that fills the world with a sense of musical adventure and soulful vibes. Beasi has created a growing body of work that continues to excite both fans and collectors alike.

Tiffany Beasi is a professional painter and a freelance graphic designer located in Orlando. Beasi has worked with the following clients, Walt Disney World, Core Communities, Orlando Magic, Hard Rock International, Roadhouse Grill and Cafe Tu Tu Tango.

Her newest creative project is working with Hard Rock International painting 3 custom Gibson Les Paul Guitars for their Top of The Rock Project. Beasi has been the Featured Artist in Industry Magazine, xis Magazine, the Orlando Sentinel and MetroWest Magazine. She has
been published in two books, Beatles Art: The Fantastic New Artwork of the Fab Four and Marilyn in Art.

Susan Bach
Born and raised in upstate New York, Susan Bach is the daughter of eminent wildlife artist, Tom Beecham. This factor combined with growing up in the beautiful NY country side has had a major influence on Ms. Bach's work and choice of subject matter today. Working with a traditional craftsman's material, clay, in a non traditional way, Ms. Bach creates highly patterned, decorative vessels and sculptures. Each piece is fashioned from white earthenware and lustrous glazes. Occasionally, over glaze transfers or 22K gold leaf is added to complete the work. Every piece is original and one-of-a-kind. Ms. Bach has exhibited in galleries, museums and art exhibitions throughout the country. Her work is in many private and corporate collections as well as the permanent collections of the City of Orlando, Valencia Community College and the Maitland Art Center. Ms. Bach has been a resident of Orlando, Florida for 35 years. She and her husband, landscape and mural artist Stephen Bach, both attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn NY. They maintain studios at The McRae Art Studios in Winter Park and at their home in Downtown Orlando's Lake Cherokee Historic District.

Su Daitch
Su Daitch, a self-taught artist, started painting at Cafe TuTu Tango in Atlanta in 2002. With no idea what will appear, Su approaches the canvas and begins. Large abstracts with burst of color appear as if by magic. Not having painting until 52 yrs. old, she had no notions of what art "should" be, and looks at every piece as an experiment.

After ten years of painting, Su has done over 1,500 paintings and thousands of small whimsical pieces. I love to paint and can not stop. I feel that everyone is an artist and do workshops for people who have never painted. In three hours they produce their own large abstract. It is exciting every time.

Su credits her husband of 24 years, Gordon, for her success. He is my love, my muse, my manager, and - the cook.

Marvin B. Blatt
Marvin's art career started at a very early age. He has grown with his art and is a man of many styles and talents. One of his degrees, which is in Advertising Art, Marvin worked in the advertising field as an advertising artist. With his degree in Design, Marvin worked in the Textile Industry, in Manhattan. His designs are on Men's shirts, men's ties, women's dresses and blouses. Entered art shows very early in his career, winning in a few catagories. Marvin went on to become a published artist, a published photographer, and a published author. To date, Marvin's third book has just been released. If you look at his work, you can figure out for yourself, that Marvin is enjoying what he is doing. His works are in many collections around the world. Marvin continues to paint, take pictures, and is still writing his books. Marvin has been at Cafe Tu Tu Tango for over 15 years. "Everyone here is like family."

Maria Bolton-Joubert
I was born in Naples, Italy and came to this country at around three years old with my family (Military Brat :). I've been drawing since I was about five years old, and have always had aspirations of becoming a professional artist. I started my caricature career out at Sea World of Orlando when I was just 16 -- and didn't know at the time that I would end up sticking with it for so long. It's a great change from staring at the PC all day... and it's a fun way to meet tons and tons of people. Not to forget I get to draw all day -- what's better than that!? I've been at Tangos creating artwork now for about 5 years. It's been a very rewarding experience. It's a great excuse to get out of the house, network, and sell art! The Tangos family is very supportive. and it's been a real blessing being able to create in such a fun place in Orlando! I'm also a Graphic Design Major at Valencia Community College, and pursue as much freelance as I possibly can-- be it with logos, digital spot illustration work, and whatever else I can get my little hands on. I try to keep a sketchbook on me at all times, seeing I never know when inspiration will strike next -- or a random thought/question that I want to "google search" answers to later!:) One of my biggest passions in life, is charity work. I love being able to help groups, organizations, people -- with my art. With my (I feel) God-given talent. Be it with donating a piece of work toward their silent auction event to help raise money, or donating an hour or two drawing caricatures. Sometimes I'll charge patrons x amount per each sketch, and then donate the money earned this way. Sometimes Ill simply provide entertainment, and earn tips along with way. Whatever it takes. I try to make it happen. Same goes with school and church functions -- Ill donate some time, and try to bring in some money! Within the last few years, I've become a better patron toward the (our) environment. I like to think I'm more of an ambassador now, and am trying to do what I can every day to preserve it. At this point in my life, I am trying to focus and hone-in on how I can truly make a difference in this world in a positive way, all the while, by using art as my tool. I read up on eco-articles constantly, invest in carbon offsets when I can, and strive to be better everyday. I'm also beginning to target my audience towards more individuals and companies who seem to have similar views and keep their intentions/business with the environment in mind. We all have to take part in preserving the future. So, whatever positive influence I can have on people -- great. This is much needed. I'm reverting more and more of my art supplies on recycled paper, renewable resources, non-toxic supplies and will be making even greater changes soon. When I'm not creating art, you'll find me in The Great Outdoors!!! Hiking, camping, biking, kayaking, whatever -- with my husband and friends. Give me blue skies and an energy bar any day! ANYDAY! LOVE National Parks and nature!!! To anyone who is interested in creating and marketing their art, my best advice to you is to just keep it up, network, draw/create as much as you can everyday, know your audience, and things should start happening for you! Thanks for your time, and many happy trails ahead! -- Maria :)

Erik de la Cruz
Erik de la Cruz was born in Mexico. He grew up in Puerto Rico until the age of 19th. And now lives in Winter Park, Florida. He has had a love for drawing all his life, but picked up painting with acrylics in 2002 and now paints with oil and acrylics. Almost all of his work is a wish, a thought, or a critique about society or his experiences here on Earth. Some inspiration or ideas for the paintings derive from his dreams. But almost ALL of the artist's ideas derive from the moment he lays his head down, quiets all of the day's activities and thoughts. And before he falls in a deep sleep, he starts to see the light, he begins to see the colors...

Yvonne Feavearyear
Mostly a self-taught artist, Yvonne Feavearyear has worked as a commercial artist; creating, designing and producing customized support materials and literature for the corporate convention market's special events. For the past 7 years, she's been involved in the Florida art show circuit. Show venues have included: The Delray Affair, Hollywood Festival of the Arts, Woodstock, Festival in the Pines, Wellington, Palm Beach; Leesburg Fine Art Festival; Lake Eustis Museum Fine Art Show and the Lakeridge Winery Art Shows, plus many more. Most recently, Yvonne was commissioned to do the 2008 Leesburg Fine Arts Festival Poster; had a one woman show ‚"Havana Nights‚" at the Lake County Art Center in Clermont, Fl.; and was the March 2008, Artist of the Month at CAFÉ TU TU TANGO in Orlando, Fl. Yvonne is a volunteer special events coordinator at the Lake County Art Center in Clermont; 2008-2009 President of the Leesburg Art Association, on the board of the Leesburg Center for the Arts and a resident artist at CAFÉ TU TU TANGO in Orlando. Over the past several years, I've been working on a series of figurative representations which portray my perception of being a woman, I call this series ‚"Women with Attitude‚". A smile, a raised eyebrow, a draped arm are all subject to interpretation by the viewer. I try to capture the feeling, emotion, the ambience of the subject rather than re-create the visual. I want my large canvases with bold patterns, vibrant colors and representational characters to bring joy, light-heartedness and FUN to the viewer.

Kathryn Flocken
Kathryn Flocken grew up on the California coastline, then moved to Orlando, Florida in the late 1980's. She began her career as a Silhouette Artist soon thereafter when she answered a blind ad in the local newspaper that simply read, ‚"Art company looking for sales help at local theme park.‚" Already an artist, Flocken answered the ad and got the job right away. It was there she began assisting the Silhouette artists who were making the delicate portraits with just scissors and paper alone, without the aid of tracing machines or photography! Kathryn was immediately mesmerized by the art form, and let it be known that she was willing to learn if a coveted slot came open. Kathryn's wish came true in the summer of 1989 when she was given a pair of scissors and the chance to try. Kathryn took hold of the art form, and has worked throughout most of Central Florida's major theme parks cutting silhouettes ever since. Over the past several years, however, Kathryn has also branched out to cutting silhouettes at special events, fund raisers, stores, as well as demonstrating this rare art form at colleges all across the United States. Kathryn's silhouettes have also been seen in such nationally published magazines as Southern Lady and the BARk, and she was also featured on the nationally televised news program, CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood. Kathryn published a book entitled Silhouettes: Rediscovering the Lost Art, the only accurate and thorough documentation of how to do this nearly dead art form from the 1700's.

German Lemus
German Lemus was born in 1976 in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Although poor his family paved the way for an artistic lifestyle, by providing culture, music, Bible teachings, and most importantly art. At the age of 12 German's mother immigrated to Miami, FL. School was especially difficult and lonely the first few years due to the language barrier. It was then that everything silenced and images began to shape and appear on paper. His drawings became adventures influenced by the styles of the early 80s and 90s. His teachers and mentors aware of his gift allowed him to create and expand through painting ‚Äì cultivating basic skills such as negative space, composition, design, layout, and color selection. Upon graduation from high school G. did not have the financial resources to pursue his art education so he enlisted in the U.S. Army where he continued to create murals and portraits. With assistance of the GI bill G. attended Valencia Community College where he fine tuned his skill by allowing the real to become surreal and by twisting personal memories, dreams and experiences in the subject matter of his work. G. Lemus has been actively cultivating his art and is currently working on his B.A. in Fine arts and humanities. Now living in Orlando, FL, Lemus seeks to establish a deeper understanding of how his life experiences contribute to the existence and the lives of other through art. For G. art is not just the ability to create an optical image through paint but rather the study of how the images we create affect the senses of individuals. Lemus is currently exhibiting his works in restaurants (Café tu tu Tango, Roho Café) galleries (city arts factory, Avalon, Vintage Lounge, Creative Spirit, Redefine, Culture Mart, Apartment E, Baldwin Part Arts and Culture) currently working for In-Progress magazine as a consultant, curator, artist and is a member of collective group called B-side artists. In pursuit of a dream Lemus creates his art with untraditional materials, natural talent, and some formal art training. email

Web Site:

Louise Hallauer
407 568 5807 407 467 8934
Art teacher at The Osceola Center For The Arts in Kissimmee, St. Cloud.
Adult Drawing and Children's Art Adventures. Since 1996 Louise has motivated hundreds of students to discover their creative talents. Each year she organizes a student art show for all who took part in classes at the Center. Quite a few of her students have developed into talented award winning artists. As an artist Louise finds teaching very enriching and rewarding. She was featured in The Orlando Sentinel Sunday paper for Osceola County on July 16, 2006, a half page article with full color photographs of Louise and her work the article was named ‚"For Love Of Color‚". She had a one woman show at Kissimmee Library in August & September of 2004, part of Osceola County ‚"Art In Public Places‚" program. She won ‚"Best Of Show‚" at The Osceola Teachers Show - 2008- The National Arts Program Cafe Tu Tu Tango, International Drive Orlando.

Louise enjoys painting live interacting and sharing her talents with the public. She has been at Cafe Tu Tu Tangos since 1996. Her paintings are internationally acclaimed and loved by everyone. Her style is bold, bright, somewhat humorous and heart-warming. Her animal themed art is extremely popular. She has also painted live at such venues as The Southern Women's Show -Orange County Convention Center, The Florida Home & Garden Show -Orange County Convention Center, Tastes Of The Nations (2004 & 2006) - Walt Disney Dolphin Resort, Festival Of Trees - Orlando Museum Of Art just to mention a few. Shows & Special Events.
Louise was part of Orlandos ‚"Liz Art‚" program, she created two lizards - ‚"Lounge Lizard‚" and ‚"Survivor Lizard‚". The program was a great success, she appeared on television in an interview and in the Orlando Sentinel twice. Louise has had her work selected twice for the very popular ‚"First Thursdays‚" event at The Orlando Museum Of Art. The shows were ‚"A Female Muse ‚" and Femme Fetale‚" She had a one woman show at The Peacock Room, Orlando in November & December of 2003 called ‚"The Essence Of Color‚". The show had a good write-up in The Orlando Sentinel by Terry Hummel, and featured one of Louise's paintings. For the past three years she has done the ‚"Winter Park Doggie Art Festival‚" on Park Avenue. Last year she was poster artist for the event. The poster art was featured in Orlando Lifestyle magazine. The piece was well received by everyone - They sold out of T-shirts! The year previously she was filmed for a segment of a local TV program, it has been aired a couple of times. In November of 2005 she was in a show at The Casselberry City Hall called ‚"Fresh Terrain‚". The opening night was in conjunction with the very popular Casselberry Jazz Festival. One of Louises paintings was featured in the Sunday Seminole Orlando Sentinel arts section publicizing the show. Cover artist for Maggie May Magazine Florida Nursery & Allied Trades Show & Educational Conference (FNATS) at The Orange County Convention Center September 28-30th 2006. Lake Mary Heathrow Art Festival 2006 Award Of Merrit winner for Acrylics. "Alive After Five‚", Sanford - 2nd Thursday of the month. Artwork chosen to appear in the highly acclaimed out-door exhibit. "Embracing Our Differences‚" in Sarasota May 2007. Celebration Spring Art Festival 2007. One woman show at Dexters of Thornton Park July-August 2007. Featured Artist at The Metro Gallery -Downtown Orlando August 2007. Baldwin Park Art Festival - Spring 2009. Bear Creek Art & Music Festival -Live Oak FL, Nov 2008. Feminati at The Loft -Downtown Orlando October 2009. Up-coming shows for March 2010. Los Olas Art Festival Ft Lauderdale March 6th & 7th. Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival March 19, 20 21st. Prior to moving to Florida in 1993 Louise worked as a Graphic Designer for a large Company in Pennsylvania for 5 years, she also worked as an Art Director for a regional Magazine for 2 years. Louise was born in Wigan, Lancashire England in 1962. She attended Wigan College Of Art and studied Graphic Design.

Richard Manzo
Ricardo Manzo WWII Pin-up style artist , Oil on Canvas .**NOTE The German flags are not meant to idolize any kind of Neo-Natzi movement they are historic in nature and represent our past involvement in World War II. The flags were painted on US planes as kills when American gunners would shoot down a German plane on the way to deliver their payload. My apology if offended but i would like my art to be as accurate to the planes of WWII as possible.

Katherine Mathisen
ceramic artist
"My work is motivated by a need to communicate in a non verbal language. Creating and communicating using a visual and tactile vocabulary allows me to go beyond the limitations of my verbal skills. In each piece my challenge is to communicate the familiar mystery of what it is to be human." Katherine's love for plants, nature and the human form are communicated in her ceramic sculptures. Her current work is hand built, with earthenware clay. The highly textured surfaces of her work are finished using a unique combination of multiple fired and post fired finishing techniques. Katherine studied ornamental horticulture and graduated from SUNY at Farmingdale, NY. She also received her BS degree from University of Central Florida, studying business, biological science and art. For over 15 years she has exhibited and taught ceramics. Katherine has also studied and worked with many masters in contemporary sculpture. Currently, Katherine exhibits her award winning ceramic sculpture in galleries and art shows throughout the US. Her work is in public and private collections in the US and Europe. She continues to teach clay workshops and classes to children and adults.

Shelley Overton - Fine Artist
Shelley Overton noticed her ability to reproduce what she looked at artistically at the age of 7, with the accurate reproduction of a piranha. Shelley went on to commercial art school in Tampa, Florida earning her an Associates degree. She then moved to her native Colorado at the age of 21. Shelley lived in Denver and pursued a career as a Graphic Designer, until she went back to school at the University of Colorado at Denver and got a Bachelors degree in Communications. Shelley applied that degree to her new career of marketing coordinator. Though she enjoyed this new career, art was in her blood and she continued to show her fine art at local restaurants, corporate lobbies and group exhibits, including the artists' co-op OpenPress. In December 2000, Shelley moved to Knoxville, Tennessee with her family. Shelley went to work for herself as a muralist, and then in 2003 when she moved to Orlando, Shelley continued working as a graphic designer, muralist and fine artist. Shelley commits herself to fine art and hopes she touches those who see it. Shelley has her own art blog at Shelley's art and other interests can be found at EXHIBITS: 2009 CAFÉ TU TU TANGO Restaurant, Orlando - Exhibitor. 2004 Downtown Orlando Art & Living Expo/Art & Music Festival - Exhibitor. 2004 First Thursdays at Orlando Museum of Art - Exhibitor. 1999 The Rocky Mountain News - Employee's Exhibition - Solo Exhibit. 1994 OpenPress Members' Show -Exhibitor. 1993 Goodfriends Restaurant - Solo Exhibit. 1983 Brandon Arts Festival - Exhibitor. EDUCATION:BA in Communications - University of Colorado at Denver. ONLINE: - Shelley's original art product web site. - Shelley's catch-all site for her art, Reiki and Astrology. - online art print site for Shelley

Panther studied art design at Columbia College in Chicago, Il., and honed her skills doing set/scenic design in the city for local productions. Her work expanded to Los Angeles, and Florida creating sets and props for film, stage, and photography. In 1991, Panther produced a postcard line of her origional artwork, distributed throughout Los Angeles. The exposure of her deliberate style of vivid and bold usage of colors and scale, generated impelling requests to be replicated by private clients in the form of murals. Panther's mural work has since expanded extensively in businesses and homes, personifying her all encompassing style of incorporating the ceiling with the walls, thereby creating a unique transformation of all time and space. Customizing these Xanadus became her trademark, and has put her work into high demand. Panther's creativity is limitless, as she is often seen providing elaborate face and body art; and directing children in interactive theatre.

James E. (Jim) Phillips
Education: MA Studio Art, Murray State University, Murray KY. Former member of the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsman. Currently member of Orange County Art Educators Association. Recipient of the Grand Bohemian Award to recognize excellent Art Teachers. Participant and award winner in many local and regional outdoor art festivals including the Festival of the Masters and Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival. Currently showing work at local and regional galleries and Cafe' Tutu Tango (where I have demonstrated clay sculpture for the last 11 years). Selected by peers as Winter Park High Schools Teacher of the Year. I moved to Orlando from Kentucky 40 years ago. Having grown up being exposed only to a menagerie of mundane small birds and mammals, the relocation to Florida opened a cornucopia of fascinating, diverse, large, and exotic, flora and fauna. The first time I saw a wild 10 foot long alligator and my first, 2000 pound manatee I knew that I had found the right subject matter for my clay sculpture aspirations. Each year since those first encounters, I have added a new Florida animal to my repertoire of 50 different Florida animals from fish and reptiles to birds and mammals. Although university trained in art, I consider the spirit and style of my work to be crafted in a folk art tradition. My overarching goal is to share with the viewer my concern for the endangered, fragile, flora and fauna that is Florida's natural treasure.

Georgie Pratt
Georgie Pratt is a native of the Boston area and graduate of Bridgewater State College with a BA in Fine Art. She has been painting and exhibiting in the Orlando area for the past 10 years. Her love of highlights and shadows is often expressed in the monochromatic tones of the human form. Besides her original colorful slant on figure painting, she has explored a grand array of subject matter from portraits to still lives that use a variety of media while specializing in oils.

Besides painting, Georgie also expresses her creativity through henna tattoos. Working with henna enables her to interact with people and share her love of art on a personal level. Georgie has worked as a henna artist at Universal Studios as well as various local festivals.

In addition to constantly expanding as an artist, Georgie has recently become a certified Yoga instructor and incorporates her spiritual philosophies into her work. Things that are hidden or suggested are the most intriguing. Her work is such that you see something new every time you look at it.

Kathy Pruschen
I ‚"discovered‚" my passion for painting when I enrolled in a community art class several years ago. I was fortunate enough to be able to stay in the class for almost 2 years, where I learned much about painting from my instructor, as well as my fellow painting students. I loved that class, as I love painting at Café Tu Tu Tango on International Drive in Orlando, FL. All of the artists are friendly and helpful, and very willing to share information and ideas. I equally enjoy chatting and sharing with the many people who stop by and visit while I am painting, especially the children. Being in a position to inspire young artists is extremely rewarding to me. My approach to painting is simple. I paint what I love, those things that evoke feelings of emotion from within. My major passion is painting nature and wildlife, especially pelicans and other birds. People and pets are other subjects I never tire of painting. I have also sold several Native American paintings through the years. I primarily paint in oils, as well as pastels, which I love to use when painting portraits. My painting ‚"The Macaws By Waterfall‚" was selected and published by Orlando Magazine in their March 2004 issue. Painting is a joyful experience to me, and enables me to express myself to others in a visual sense. True success, to me, is when my paintings also bring joy and emotion to others.

Cheri Riechers
I'm just a gal that loves to paint! When I first started painting for a living, I realized how incredibly fortunate I was to be able to follow my heart and also play with colors all day ‚Äì how cool is that? All I wanted to do was make people happy with my art. The first time I was picked up by a gallery I couldn't believe my luck; when all my artwork sold in one month I was shocked. And it has been that way for most of my art career. But it didn't start out like that. I spent over 20 years in the computer industry and owned a consulting company. It was all part of the journey. I had a great time and learned a lot. But in working hard, often too hard, we lose sight of our families and the love surrounding us. And in the end, that's all that really matters. I want people to come home and smile at my artwork. My greatest joy is to have someone let me know that my art is bringing a smile to their face or helping them to remember something wonderful. My ‚"Tribute To‚" series is dedicated to those who have died and left us with words of wisdom to live by. The words are incorporated into the paintings. Since we don't throw away art, but normally pass it down to friends and family, those words live on in the art to be appreciated by future generations. You may have seen my martini and wine images in stores as prints and on products, as they were sold worldwide. You might have a piece of my artwork that you purchased at a gallery, a charity event, at one of the Disney World EPCOT Festivals, through Sotheby's Online, or at one of the Café Tu Tu Tangos around the US. In 2004 I received one of the highest honors as an artist, by becoming a Listed Artist in ‚"Mayer's International Auction Record‚", a book from Zurich, Switzerland. This book is used by international art collectors and museums. I also have a new worldwide publisher for limited edition prints. This has been a great journey for me. I hope my artwork brings a smile to your face, or if you give it as a gift, I hope it brightens the recipient's life!

Sandra Scheetz-Wise
Sandra Scheetz-Wise is a modern day thought provoking surreal artist with extraordinary natural ability in art. She continued to pursue and develop her style solely though her own elements and surroundings.

Her life experiences have led her to the particular art style as she has been given ample material to base her unique ideas on.

Her works explore symbolism and abstract ideas as an embodiment of all life events that have fused together to shape a person and their personality. One of these example's are the plants that have eyes, they represent how nature is watching what people in this society are doing with the planet.

Sandra has shown her work in group shows at the MOSI in Tampa, UCF, and the OMA's First Thursdays in Orlando, one of her paintings was shown on Ovations TV's commercials, and magazines across the country have written about her art!

Gena Semenov
I was born in 1962 and lived on 16 acres of woods with my parents outside the sleepy New England town of Winchendon, Massachusetts. I was an only child and lived in the woods with parents that had turned their backs on the world. My mom came from a weird irish family and my dad was a Russian defector. Both of them were trying to create a new life for themselves while trying to forget the crueler world they had known. Growing up, I spent a lot of time drawing, coloring and walking in the woods, making up stories of adventure, travelling gypsy stories, Lost in Space, Cowboys and Indians (where the Indians won).

Generally I lived in a child's fantasy world where much of my interaction was with nature and the animals around me. My mom was a portrait painter and a draftsman and from an early age encouraged me to color and draw. When I was 3 or 4 I remember watching a PBS series about Vangogh's and Rembrant's life with my mother and thinking that I would never choose to be an artist, it was too hard and unrewarding. Vangogh and Rembrant's life was proof of that. After thinking about my career though, I wondered what would I be good at and decided to be an actress that wore red. My dad and I would take long walks in the woods and he would point out the beauty of the nature around me and the value of silence, just hearing the wind through the trees. Those early years in the woods were magical, although a little lonely, my parents and I had our own kingdom, just for a little while.

When I was 7 my father hurt his back at work very badly and things began to change. My mother went back to work, and after a few years and 2 back operations, the doctor told my father to move to a warmer climate, Florida or Arizona. They chose Florida. It was a big adjustment for me. I think looking back, I fell into a depression because the climate and people were so different. I retreated more into my imagination and kept drawing and painting. My father died in a unrelated accident when I was 14 and it was then I learned that you had to live your life to it's full potential each day, there was no sense in waiting for retirement. It was at this time that I decided to become an artist, because it was the one consistent thing in my life, something that never left me and I got extra credit at school which helped me pass those difficult math classes. I graduated from Ringling School of Art and Design in 1983 and had good intentions to move to New York and work as an Illustrator. 2 things kept me in Florida however, my boyfriend and my mother who was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. So I opted for graphic design, moved to Orlando, Florida, with my mother, where my boyfriend (later to become my husband) lived. My mom passed away in 1985, after difficult battle with cancer. I spent the next 10 years working for myself as a freelance designer, working at various advertising agencies, and corporations doing graphics.

At 30 I decided to have an early mid-life crisis and re-evaluated my entire life. I started really painting and took lessons from a great contemporary French Fauvist artist, Marco Bronzini. He gave me confidence and fine-tuned the skills I had been developing all my life. I quit graphics and became a full-time painter, doing art shows all around the country. Currently, I have a studio at McRae Art Studios in Winter Park, Florida, a beloved 5 year old daughter, the same artist husband with a great talent to make you laugh and 1 cat & a dog. You may find me painting from time to time at Café Tú Tú Tango in Orlando, at an outdoor art show or a gallery show, of course, as much as a toddler's time will permit. My latest accomplishments are either on this web site or on my professional resumé, available on request.


Sandy Starr
My artistic training began at a very early age with the inspiration and tutelage of my grandmother, an accomplished artist; so I like to think of my talent as genetic! Her need to express herself artistically often had to be balanced with the demands of raising two children and spoiling three grandsons and a granddaughter – me. I would sit for hours watching her manipulate her oils and watercolors, bringing her subjects to life. Fulfilling my irrepressible need to draw and paint, I later studied with William J. Schultz of Massachusetts, R. Clay Kent of Maine, and Louise Cherwak of Florida, among others. When I discovered the French Impressionists, I fell in love with their appreciation of color and light. I am always struggling to capture the beauty I see in nature and everyday scenes. I believe that our experiences and the people we meet enrich each of us. Each of my mentors, whether through personal contact, museum visits or books, has brought me a unique perspective which added to my technique and ability to find beauty in everything around me – and to translate that beauty to the canvas or paper. Please, stop for a moment and see the beauty and color that surrounds us!
Offering Oil Paintings, Color Pencil Drawings, House Portraits, Pen and Ink renderings.

Toni L. Taylor ~ Artist
A transplant from New York to Orlando, FL, Toni L. Taylor is a visionary artist whose work travels through the realms of fantasy and mysticism. She feels a special kinship with the mysteries of Ancient Egypt as well as the spirit of Native America. Goddess imagery is also represented powerfully in her collection. She says of her work, ‚"When people view my creations, I want them to feel like they're taking a bit of a mental vacation‚Ķ tapping into the ethereal and otherworldly. My desire is to touch some part of their soul allowing them to dream their dreams and stimulate their own imaginations.‚" Having had no formal training, Toni considers herself ‚Äòlife taught' and her gift a blessing from God. She was born to be an artist, beginning at the tender age of 4 with crayons, now with oil and pencil as her preferred mediums. Her professional career began in 1985 with a cover for Heavy Metal Magazine, of which she was an avid collector. Since then she's worked with various clients such as The Miller Brewing Company, Marvel Comics, Black Enterprise Magazine, MBI ~ Easton Press, Inner Traditions ~ Destiny Books, U.S. Games, PolyGram, GRP, RCA, Island Records, Creative Kingdoms/Magic Quest and Elephant Door scenic design company to name a few as well as catering to collectors.
Toni has taught private art lessons to aspiring students and remains available for beginners and intermediates. Currently she can be found painting ‚Äòlive' at Café Tu Tu Tango in Orlando appearing a few times per month.

Toni is self published with 18 images in print and 24 greeting cards with astrological, Angelic and Goddess imagery. She includes portraits and custom murals in her repertoire and has exhibited her work at galleries, conventions and festivals from Boston to New Orleans. You are invited to visit her website at Additional works can also be found on Facebook, Ovation TV, MySpace, Paintings I Love, Kaleidoscope of Incidents and Orlando Slice. "If you follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living. Wherever you are, if you are following your bliss, you are enjoying that refreshment, that life within you all the time." ~ Joseph Campbell. Toni is an example of one who believes in following her bliss!

Alan Traynor, known to collectors as The Egg Man, lives in Orlando, Fl, where he has created over 45,000 hand painted eggs of solid wood since 1991. On what started all this Egg Biz, Alan says: "It's incredible, how I got started painting eggs. My dear friend Frances Smith, with whom I'd worked in New York, was coming to visit me in Florida just before Easter, 1991, and I decided to paint one real egg as a gift to her. I broke several egg shells trying to blow the insides out as I'd done as a kid. I managed to paint a simple floral design on an egg shell, and promptly dropped it off the table the next day and broke it. I tried again and broke another shell. Now, I might so easily have thrown the shells away and bought her a chocolate bunny, but because of Frances' incredible sense of humor, I wrapped the broken shells in a gift box and gave them to Frances, saying, "Happy Easter. I tried." But when she saw the broken egg shells, Frances said, "Why don't you paint me a wooden egg?" If Frances were here, she would correct me as she has so many times. According to Frances, her exact words were "Why don't you paint me a wooden egg, dumbshit?" And thus, in 1991, one sentence changed my life. Alan has been a very happy member of the Tango Artists Group since 1996. Since 1994, Alan has done frequent Guest Artist appearances at various Disney World shops, and his work has been in countless shops and galleries around the country. He does several art shows a year in Florida and Missouri, and he runs a very successful website, His work is known to be in collections as widespread as Japan, Holland, Portugal, Germany, and Kenya.

Shannon West
What began as a casual desire to cast her inner thoughts has now become
an expression in the form of paint. Welcome to the creations of Shannon
West. As you delve into the atmosphere, you will find a pleasurable mix
of contrasting strokes, colors, and shapes.

Despite the constant surge of waves from the oceans of life, Shannon
West has continuously and strong willingly pursued her dreams,
expressing most of her work on healthy portions of canvas.